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When it comes to expert capability, our team has it covered. Commercial property investment, developments, acquisitions, disposals, leasing and more. We have the right team to get any project off the ground and into action.


Our team has significant experience in commercial acquisitions and regularly advise both domestic and international entities, companies and individuals.

We understand the importance of a fast and seamless acquisition process that is thorough from end to end. We partner our clients to ensure their ultimate acquisition objectives are achieved.

Aged care developments

Aged care is a rapidly growing industry globally. The development and management of aged care facilities presents a unique range of challenges and complexities for developers and service providers requiring specific and specialised advice. Our team has experience in guiding both developers and service providers through the unique features of aged care developments.

Commercial property investment

Our team is at the forefront of commercial property transactions and projects. Our clients value our ability to provide astute and commercially focussed advice, adding real value and achieving successful and meaningful outcomes.

Beyond advice, we work with you to structure investments.

We understand our clients have complex, diverse and often changing property requirements that need smart, practical and prompt legal solutions.


Property development involves many stakeholders and is highly complex, especially in today’s uncertain environment. TBB will see the complexity simplified and the stakeholders managed in a manner that focusses on retaining and enhancing key relationships so that a successful development is ultimately completed.

Our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to bring ideas to fruition.

Disposals and divestments
Our team has extensive and specialised experience in commercial property divestments and disposals throughout New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. This includes the acquisition and divestments of office towers, hotels, retail shopping centres and industrial parks.
Due diligence investigations

Thorough due diligence investigations are a critical component of property transactions, often having a major bearing on the legal and financial outcomes. With a keen focus on our clients’ objectives, our collaborative team of experienced lawyers can complete complex due diligence at speed. We partner our clients and their fellow consultant teams through the process to ensure deadlines are met and risks are suitably offset.

We have significant experience acting on acquisitions and divestments of forest land and forestry rights and have strong relationships with forestry advisors and regulators. We provide clients with best practice advice and guidance for managing their forestry portfolios.
Hotel developments and management

Our team has vast experience advising on large scale hotel complexes throughout New Zealand, having acted for both hotel developers and management companies.

Joint ventures

Joint Ventures are an increasingly common means by which two entities in the commercial property landscape join forces and match complementary skill sets. We are able to provide legal advice that helps to protect our clients’ best interests and strategic objectives, both through legal contracts and structuring of agreements.


We have a wealth of experience providing advice and legal services to both landlords and tenants in the commercial leasing space. Our clients range from the owners of New Zealand’s largest office towers to private holders of smaller commercial and/or retail premises (and everything in between).

We invest in providing our clients with comprehensive leasing documentation specifically tailored to their strategic and commercial objectives, ensuring their investments and interests are protected. Our boutique nature and constant exposure to best in practice commercial property leasing documentation ensures that our client base is ahead of the pack when it comes to risk allocation and lease structuring.

Managed funds
We are experienced in advising on the establishment and offering of a number of managed funds with several different structures and features.
Overseas investment

Investment in NZ assets has become increasingly restricted and involves complex laws and criteria. It also demands up to date experience and a good working relationship with the Overseas Investment Office. TBB offers its clients both. Working on some of New Zealand’s most publicised applications and regularly engaging with the Overseas Investment Office ensures that our client base receives the best advice and has the best prospect of success.

Property finance
We have significant experience in all legal aspects of corporate and project funding, working with a number of leading banks, financial institutions and corporate borrowers.
Property syndication

Property syndication requires management of a vast number of stakeholders, detailed and robust due diligence that identifies and resolves risks, analysis that addresses the concerns of all relevant parties and negotiation skills to facilitate and establish enduring relationships. TBB’s vast experience in this area ensures that it is in high demand by New Zealand’s most successful and prominent syndicators.

Real Estate Agency Advice

The New Zealand real estate agency landscape is not straightforward. The rules, regulations and general requirements are complex and are often implemented in high pressure environments at pace. We have the experience and capability to help our clients navigate all aspects of the agency landscape.

Strategic Real Estate Advice

We are the go-to team for providing strategic real estate advice for high value and complex real estate transactions and projects throughout New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

We provide advice to some of New Zealand’s most sophisticated property investors and developers, including leading domestic and overseas funds, property institutions and corporate property owners/occupiers. We love helping our clients simplify complicated issues and strategically position themselves in the marketplace.

Structuring and re-structuring of commercial property portfolios

As developers and investors grow, they often find that their portfolio of properties needs restructuring.

We provide advice around best practice, the implications of structures and the legal execution of restructures.


We can assist with any type of land division or land amalgamation project, including fee simple, cross lease, unit and strata titles. We have specialist experience with all forms of subdivision. We understand “time is money” and we work to ensure that the subdivision process is as fast as possible. We do so by working closely with specialised resource management consultants, planners, engineers, valuers and surveyors as required.

Unit Titles

As our cities intensify and planning rules demand higher density accommodation and office space, properties are increasingly the subject of the Unit Titles Act. We have extensive experience in establishing, implementing and advising on matters involving the Unit Titles Act and with a focus on pragmatic practical solutions, we assist our clients in navigating this complex area of New Zealand’s property industry.

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